Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring in order to rent equipment?
  • Legal driver’s license
  • Current Address
  • Two Telephone Numbers (Home and Work)
  • Form of Payment (Credit Cards or Cash)
  • Credit card for deposit

Must have a copy of Valid Insurance when renting trailers and towable equipment.

Is the rental cost listed online the final cost to rent the equipment?

Taxes and additional fees such as refueling, cleaning, or delivery are not included in the equipment rental rates shown on our website. These are additional charges and will be presented at the time of rental if applicable.

How can I make a reservation for equipment?

You must visit one of our locations in person no more than 24 hours in advance of the rental, bring a valid ID, show valid insurance if renting a trailer or towable equipment, and pay the deposit and rental. Our reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I need to keep the rented equipment longer than anticipated. What do I do?

To keep the equipment longer than your initial rental, please call or visit the location you rented the equipment from and make additional payment for the anticipated rental period.

My equipment is malfunctioning, what do I do?

During business hours, please call the Crossland’s location that you rented the equipment from immediately and explain the issue. Our technicians can often troubleshoot issues or questions over the phone or create a plan of action to get you back to work quickly. Depending on the equipment, we may choose to visit your location for a repair or have you return the equipment to our location to trade for a new machine or make the repair quickly while you wait. Provided the issue did not result from any wrongful or negligent act by the contract holder, we will repair the equipment, provide you with a comparable item or return the unused portion of the equipment rental fee and cancel the rental. Crossland’s is not the manufacturer or designer of any of the rental equipment.

What if I need support at night, on a holiday or on the weekend?

Our locations are open Monday through Friday and closed for most major and federal holidays. During business hours, please contact us immediately the next business day and we will ensure your questions are answered or equipment support needs are met


If equipment is delivered, customers must call when they are finished with the item to have it picked up.

What is the Weekend Special?

Customers can rent equipment anytime on Friday and return it by 9:00 a.m. Monday morning for a 1-day rental rate. For metered equipment, customers are allowed up to 8 hours on the hour meter for a 1-day rental charge. Overtime will apply to anything above 8 hours usage.

How is Metered Equipment charged?

Metered equipment has an hourly allowance for the time out.

  • Day Rate = 8 Hours allowed on the machine
  • Week Rate = 40 Hours allowed on the machine
  • 4 Week Rate = 160 Hours allowed on the machine

Overtime will apply to anything beyond the above listed usage.

Am I allowed to take the rented equipment out of state or is there a mileage limit?

Equipment must not be taken out of the state of Oklahoma. If equipment is taken out of the OKC Metro Area, customers are responsible to bring equipment back to the location from which they rented it. If the equipment malfunctions and is taken outside of the OKC Metro Area, customers are responsible to return it to the location from which it was rented.

Do I need to refill the equipment with fuel before returning?

Yes, please refill the equipment with fuel before returning it to our location. Failure to do so will result in an additional refueling charge. All of our equipment comes ready to use for your convenience.

Do the tools or equipment need to be returned clean?

Yes, tools and equipment must be returned in clean condition or cleaning charges may apply.

What types of equipment are available?

Our inventory includes equipment from these categories: Air compressors & tools, compaction, concrete equipment & tools, cooling & heating, ditchers, loaders & trackhoes, drills & electric tools, fastening & levels, generators, lighting & welders, hammers, ladders & scaffolding, lawn & garden equipment, lifts, painting equipment & pressure washers, plumbing & sewer equipment, pumps, rug & floor care equipment, sanding & grinding equipment, saws and trailers & moving equipment. Learn more about our inventory here.

I’ve never used this particular equipment or brand of machine before, can you help?

Yes, the Crossland’s Crew will show you how to operate the equipment and answer any questions you may have regarding operations.

Still have questions?? Please call us at (405) 632-3393 and we would be happy to answer them!